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Recycling is like Madgic everything else just goes up in smoke

Our New Secure Shredding Bin has the biggest capacity of 360ltrs
A full 50% more than any of our competitors

The Bear Test is the only way to prove that Secure means Secure

The Capacity of our Secure Shredding bin is a Full 50% more than any of our island based competitors, so called secure anyone can open bins. We do not supply any of our customers with a key and our Secure bins are locked on site once your confidential paperwork is in the bin its gone unless you really need it. The only time the Secure bin gets opened is when the contents are being shredded.

Make recycling part of your life

We tell everyone who have asked us, that they do not have to hug a tree to recycle.

Think of it this way, if we mine for it, pump it out the ground and cut it down, with the waste put in land fills or burned its only a matter of time before we run out, THEN WHAT?

We recycle most of the waste that comes into our premises in fact over 99%, the only thing that we do not recycle is food waste, so if you own a retail or commercial store or you just want to recycle we can help you with pretty much everything except your lunch.

Let us measure your waste with our FREE standard waste survey

When we do our standard waste survey on your premises, we look at what your business can recycle from your current waste stream, if you require a full audit of everything waste we will charge you for our time, the report is very indepth, and will require more information from you. A full indepth report will be sent to you detailing the savngs you can make. 

Just remember that most savings are from the weight in your current bins, and if you follow our report you will make the savings as it is cheaper to recycle than to just bin it.
We will give you a part refund if you take our recommended service on for a minimum of 36months.
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