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Recycling is like Madgic everything else just goes up in smoke


Waste Electical and Electronic Equipment (weee)

On an Island the size of ours, it is alway good to know that the services of for the removal of your electronic waste not only is it recycled correctly but it is also done on the island.

Recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic  Equipment (weee)is not the easiest of jobs and that's why a few companies se how far they can bend the rules to suit their situation, they ship this waste to Ghana, India and or China, putting on the shiping documents either charity goods or working electrics and make sure that the working ones are to the front of the container just in case it gets opened.When they arrive they are taken to the local dump where gangs then break the waste up or burn the waste to get the metals out, causing damage to the health of the people doing this and possibly the water that they drinkas well as the air that everyone around the area breath.

Over the many years of using this equipment you have good and bad times with it, yes it is easier to turn a blind eye and through it in a hole but by doing this this you are simply causing more harm than good. 

Once this equipment is broken up the WEEE is re-used and made into more products that we can buy and this saves more whole being dug around the world looking for thier material to make products like the one's you just agreed to through in another hole.

In an Article in USA TODAY a member of their reporting team purchase on Craigslist 30 devices randomly purchased from the site and they found 15 of them, contained sensitive data including social security numbers and bank account details, so save the headache and dispose of this waste correctly.

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