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Recycling is like Madgic everything else just goes up in smoke

Office Recycling

Complete Office Recycling

Companies on the Island seem to let other service company's cherry pick what they will take from you., works differently. We take all the recycling from you, from the paper to the cardboard that comes of the many paper reams. Also we take all the packaging, including your staffs drinks bottles cans and cups.

The only thing we do not take is food waste.

We take your waste paper from your waste bins and also take your Confidencial Shredding, which is shredded within 24 hrs. If your computers are broken, we can take them. They are broken up on the island and the components are recycled within the UK.

We have a great range of recycling bins that work for you, and because we are more interested in you being a customer for many years to come, we have kept our prices low.

To get you off to a great start please go to the contacts page, and we will get back to you, however if you want a quicker response time, please telephone the office during working hours on (01624) 825826

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